Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Update--May 15, 2007

I just posted some pictures below for y'all just as an update. Yesterday was my "unveiling" and it went terrifically! I was really really so happy to get the wires off and able to talk a little bit better and eat solid food.

My doctor, Dr. Felice O'Ryan, is the BEST doctor in the world...by the way she has my blog info now I better kiss some butt! Hehehehe...just kidding. I would not say anything that is not true here. She is the best doctor in this field. She's worked for Kaiser a long time and has been doing this kind of surgery for many MANY years. But not only does her skills make her the best, her personality and charisma just make her awsome. Richard and I have walked out of her office twice now in a daze and always asked ourselves....gosh...what happened? She just makes you feel really good being in her presence.

My orthondontist, Dr. E (his last name is spelled Ellenikiotis..but because i can't pronounce it I was told to call him Dr. E. I think a lot of people call him Dr. E...hehehe). Anyways, my orthodontist insisted that I get operated on by Dr. O'Ryan and no one else. He said I HAVE to get her and I believe he made sure that that I did..and i did.

I wanted to get a picture of Dr. O'Ryan for this blog but our camera was in the car, plus Dr. O'Ryan didn't feel "picturesque" that day so we didn't get a picture. In 3 weeks when i go see her, i will get her picture. i tried to look it up on the Kaiser website but just haven't the strength to do it...or know how to get it copied to this blog. Hah. A friend asked me if my Dr. was young and "hawt". I said "yes" she's young and "Hawt" so he said he wanted ALL of teeth looked at. Hehehhe. So I decided I want a picture of my Surgeon, Dr. O'Ryan, and a picture of my Ortho, Dr. E, and a picture of my Dentist, Dr. Nguyen, on my blog. All these doctors have been involved in the well being of my mouth and teeth and deseved to be recognized. Their pictures will be incoming in the near future :)

If you all want to see someone else who went through the same surgery as I did, but not with the same doctor, you can click on "John Baley's surgery" on the right and see what he went through. he went through worse things then me. Poor guy. He and his wife are very good friends of mine :)

Oh, my nose still bleeds a little when I move around so I always walk around with a kleenex just in case. I still get a bit of pain in my jaws, but it's to be expected. I am wearing rubber bands now and I find it fun to put them on and off :) I am weird, yes..harhar.

Hope you all enjoy the pictures. Have a WONDERFUL day and will talk to you all soon, one way or another :)



Wednesday, May 9, 2007


On Tuesday (May 8th), Richard brought me back to Vacaville. It was a long drive and I was feeling nauseous so I didn't take any pictures. Today I feel better and got on the computer to post this right away. Richard would have done this for me but it would have taken him all day instead of 1 hour it took me to type and post all these pictures. Plus it would have been frustrating for me to try and mumble to him what I want to say for these posts...so I took it upon myself to do this :) What a trooper huh? Yay me!

This is me on Monday May 7th. I still got the pointy chin..darn it. They wouldn't fix it because they said it fits perfectly with newly moved upper jaw. pooey! The swelling has gone down a little more this day. My doc called to check up on me. I told her my most swollen was Saturday and she said i was a couple of days ahead of schedule and she was very impressed. However, when i told her I was taking only about 600+ calories aday, she made me promise to buy the protein powder and drink lots of it. She said I would not heal if I keep losing weight at this rate. She was a little upset..hehehe. So I promised her and trying my darnest to keep drinking these nasty drinks like ensure and soy milk mixed with the protein powder: how can anyone like these drinks???

Ok, this sideview really shows my swollen face and upper lip. This is still Sunday may 6th. I wasn't up to putting on make up to look pretty y'all. ppttthhhh!!

Okey Dokey..Sunday May 6th. Swelling was reduced a bit...although you can't really tell from the picture. I just look like I have chunky cheeks here and my upper lip was fat...still is actually.

Saturday May 5th...I was at my most swollen..although you couldn't tell. I weighed in at Kaiser on May 3rd at 110.5 lbs. When I stepped on the scale at my uncle's, it shows 105 lbs on Friday..but that was probably wrong. So I checked the scale again on Saturday I was still 105. BUT on Sunday I was down to 100 lbs. So, it shows that I'd lost some weight..but not sure if that scale is accurate. I know I lost about 5 to 7 pounds from May 3rd to May 6th though.

Ok, second day-May 4th..Had my first Decaf Coffee Frap. It upset my stomach so I had to stop..darn it. It was good while it lasted though. I was so mad. Oh, there's the small syringe I used to eat...they gave me a larger syringe for when I wanna pig out..harhar